VALUE: £5.2m



Thompsons were awarded the Contract in January 2017 to demolish a number of plot areas within the live INEOS refinery tier 1 COMAH site.

The Plot Areas were;

  • Plot 4 (Benzene)
  • Plot 5 (Gas Treatment Unit)
  • Plot 5a (Hydro Isomerisation Unit)
  • Plot 6 (East Warehouse)
  • Plot 7 (Ethylene 3)

Prior to the commencement of works the Client arranged for a UKAS approved surveyor to undertake a series of Pre-Demolition Asbestos Surveys of the structures within Plots 4 to 7.  The surveys indicated the presence of asbestos or asbestos containing materials. Our own asbestos removal service was used,  using our own directly employed labour, under our own Asbestos License.

An Environmental pre-clean of Pigeon Guano and the removal of residual chemicals from specific vessels, tanks, process plant & structures was also completed prior to the main demolition and dismantling works.

Work started in Apr ‘17 and was due for completion in Dec ’17. However, further phases of work were directly negotiated with the Client meaning Thompsons’ have continued operations on-site and due for completion Aug ‘19. We are now in advanced negotiations with the Client to extend for a further 2 years past Aug ’19.

The initial Contract value was £2.5m, with the further negotiated phases valued at £2m.

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