Fully Comprehensive Site Clearance Services

Thompsons of Prudhoe are able to offer a fully comprehensive Reclamation and Site Clearance services, allowing our customers to deal with one company throughout their entire project.


Our extensive knowledge and practical experience of waste management has been developed over 70+ years, including obtaining Environment Agency Site Permits and utilising industry approved end-of-waste protocols.


Using experience and knowledge of waste legislation Thompsons can help our customers clear, reclaim and remediate any site in readiness for its desired use.


We have expertise in handling all types of waste and our site clearance services include but are not limited to;

  • Inert
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Liquid
  • Heavy and Bulky
  • Asbestos Containing Materials
  • Hazardous Soils
  • Industrial Wastes

We are fully licensed by the HSE to remove and dispose of all types of asbestos, completing all required paperwork and ensuring it is dealt with in full and transparent compliance with legislation. This will usually mean that it will be sent to a properly licensed hazardous waste landfill.


However, on certain projects, where we have been engaged from the very early stages of a projects known to have contaminated soils including asbestos, we have been able to engineer a remediated site so that the contaminants can be safely “locked into” the site, without the need for off-site removal, following a complete environmental risk assessment and liaison with the Environment Agency.


There are two options for treating the waste arisings and excavated material from a project either on-site and off-site. This will be determined by factors such as space available, client requirements, planning restrictions, environmental factors, programme and proximity to off-site facilities.

Waste Disposal

Due to our strict procedures on waste segregation and disposal, a large percentage of our customers’ demolition waste is re-used or recycled.


We have an extensive modern fleet of plant and equipment of all sizes, including 80 tonne excavators with specialised attachments, a fleet of dump trucks, traxcavators, rollers and items of machinery such as screens, crushers and dust suppression equipment.


Our staff are experienced and qualified to carry out contaminated land remediation utilising whichever technique is appropriate to the level and nature of the contamination. Our experience covers hydrocarbon, chemical, asbestos and knotweed contamination.


Our experience and understanding of site remediation options can help clients achieve considerable cost saving benefits.


Working for tomorrow

All brick, concrete and mixed soils/brick/concrete material will be processed into recycled materials meeting the specification as required by the client and re-used on the project or another construction project in the area.

Our recycling rate is 97% – We often exceed this, achieving 99%

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Our Services

As well as providing a fully comprehensive site clearance and reclamation service, we also provide demolition, deconstruction, decommissioning and industrial dismantling, asbestos removal, earthworks, contaminated land remediation and site clearance services. Take a look at our services page to find out more.

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