Quarries, Aggregates, and Agricultural Lime


Thompsons of Prudhoe have been supplying aggregates and agricultural lime for over 70 years. Thompsons operate five quarries/recycling centres throughout the North of England supplying crushed rock, sand and gravel, rock armour, agricultural lime and recycled aggregates to the construction and agriculture industries.

Coupled with one of the largest haulage fleets in the North of England, Thompsons have the capability to deliver all types of aggregate for construction and redevelopment projects, and offer the added value service of removing materials from sites for disposal and recycling as a back load.

What Is Quarrying?


Quarrying is a process that involves removing minerals from the ground which are later used to produce materials used for construction, production or manufacturing. Quarrying generally involves the removal of rock, sand and gravel as well as other materials from the earth which when extracted are most commonly used for construction and redevelopment. When quarrying is carried out, a “Quarry” is formed and this becomes a pit-like surface where minerals will be extracted from the earth.

Why Choose Thompsons For Quarrying Services?


As mentioned previously, we operate six quarries throughout the North of England where we supply minerals from the earth that are repurposed and used for other industries. This is something we have been doing for 73 years and with a large fleet of HGV vehicles, we can carry out large quarrying projects across the UK. We use a range of high quality, reliable vehicles and earth mineral extraction tools to carry out quarrying services and ensure that all minerals extracted from the earth can be transformed effectively into whichever industry requires them.

What Are Aggregates?


Aggregates are earthly materials extracted from the earth’s surface via quarrying such as sand, slag, gravel and rock. Aggregates, also known as construction aggregates, are commonly used to make concrete when added with water and cement which will then be used to form concrete walls, flooring and path structures on construction sites.

Why Choose Thompsons As A Construction Aggregate Supplier?


With six quarries across the North of England, we are regularly extracting elements and materials from the earth which can be used to form construction aggregate. We can supply construction companies with aggregates that can be used in the manufacture of concrete structures, which can build the foundations of construction projects. We also do all aggregation with an environmentally friendly focus as we aim to lower the carbon footprint of both our customers’ and our construction projects by reducing the amount of vehicles we use and their movements.

What Is Agricultural Lime?


Agricultural lime can also be referred to as aglime and agricultural limestone and is a soil which is created by limestone extracted from the earth’s surface, often via quarrying and earth extraction. The main use of agricultural lime is as a soil improver and a natural fertiliser as it reduces acidity levels in soil and therefore improves the productivity of a land area to produce plants, crops and grass.

Why Choose Thompsons As A Supplier Of Agricultural Lime?


At Thompsons we have supplied agricultural lime via quarrying for over 73 years along with other fertilisers and soil conditioners such as amgline, calcium lime, slag and more. This has made us one of the most reliable agricultural lime suppliers in not just the North East but across the UK with 6 quarries allowing us to extract agricultural lime in large quantities and transport it across the UK.

Competitive Offerings


We are able to provide a competitive offering by significantly reducing vehicle movements and associated transport costs, as well as lowering the carbon footprint and environmental impact of our customers’ construction projects.

What we offer

Our quarries/recycling centres have environmental permits to accept inert materials from our customers’ sites including inert soils, non-hazardous soils, brick and concrete, which are then processed to produce recycled aggregates/soils for reuse within industry.

We can deliver any tonnage of any product using our own extensive HGV fleet of 20 Tonne 8-wheel and 26 Tonne Articulated Tipper Trucks.


• Granular Sub base – Type 1 and Type 2

• Permeable Sub base  

• Capping Materials – 6F1, 6F2 and 6F5

• Pipe Bedding – 40mm, 20mm and 10mm

• Filter Media

• Clean Stone – Various Sizes ranging from 10mm – 125mm

• Blinding Fines

• Bulk Fill

• Decorative Aggregates

• Rock Armour

• Gabion Fill

• Calcium Lime


Recycled Aggregate

• Granular Sub Base – Type 1

• Capping Materials – 6F2 and 6F5

• Crushed Tarmac

• Mixed Hardcore


Soils & Clay

• Topsoil

• Sub-soil

• Boulder Clay – ideal for lining works

Sand & Gravel


• Building (0.2mm)

• Concreting (0.4mm)

• Paving

• Fill

• Equestrian



• Washed Gravel – 10mm and 20mm


Fertilisers & Soil Conditioners

• Magnesium Lime (Maglime™)

• Calcium Lime

• Fibrophos

• Fertiliser Screenings

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