Industrial Dismantling & Decommissioning Service

Thompsons of Prudhoe offer a fully comprehensive industrial dismantling and decommissioning service and have been a part of a variety of industrial projects. Whether the contract requires the total dismantling of a high-hazard upper tier COMAH site or the safe decommissioning and dismantling of a Gas Holder, our experienced and highly skilled team are capable of tackling any project and ensuring it is completed safely.

Industrial Dismantling & Decommissioning Services

We have undertaken all types and sizes of industrial decommissioning and dismantling projects including but not limited to:

  • Gas Holder Dismantling & Decommissioning 
  • Industrial Factory Dismantling & Decommissioning 
  • Nuclear Licensed Site Dismantling & Decommissioning 
  • Food & Beverage Plant Dismantling & Decommissioning
  • Petrochemical Plant Dismantling & Decommissioning 
  • Oil & Gas Terminal Industrial Dismantling & Decommissioning 
  • Pharmaceutical Plant Dismantling & Decommissioning

Dismantling & Decommissioning Process

We have a large fleet of specialised equipment and machinery that can take on any high-risk dismantling and decommissioning project. All projects are unique depending on the client’s requirements, the environment in which the project is being undertaken or due to the technical complexities involved, however they typically involve the following steps.

  • A bespoke and comprehensive Construction Phase Plan complete with a suite of Safe Systems of Work (SsoW)
  • Site set up including welfare, signage, fencing
  • A series of Surveys including Structural Surveys, CCTV Drainage Surveys, Dilapidation Surveys and many more
  • Carry out an environmental pre-clean and removal of any contaminants/residuals
  • Safe dismantling and removal of client’s assets
  • Monitoring and progress evaluation throughout the project
  • Making good and Site Clearance
  • Post Works Surveys and Production of As-Built Documentation
  • Site Handover 


Dismantling and Decommissioning jobs can be incredibly hazardous. This is more so when the site was involved in the storage or production of harmful materials. Even small traces of these substances can cause a lot of harm to the environment and people. – Here at Thompsons, we put in place all the necessary prevention and mitigation measures to ensure that our work has the least environmental harm and impact as possible.


All of our work is done in accordance with our Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental Management Systems, which are accredited to ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and 50001 standards.

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