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As the leading provider of earth works and asbestos removal in the North East, we complete many jobs. Our aim is to offer efficiency as well as the very highest safety standards.

There are numerous instances where earth works are an essential part of a project. In the case of getting a site ready for building and developments, it is vital at the early stages. Decommissioning projects on the other hand help get the ground to a condition that is usable once again. Regardless of why, you can always count on us.

A Specialist To Depend On

From small scale jobs to large redevelopments, we are happy to take part in various projects. Throughout you can utilise our various services in order to get the ground to the condition you need it to be. Looking at our skills you can see our 50+ years of experience come into play through all our work.

We pride ourselves on the professionalism and convenience of our services. This is from the moment you contact us through to the end. Part of making everything easy for you is how you will only deal with us. Even if you require a site survey, excavating and earthmoving equipment, we act as a one stop provider.

Projects involving earth works depend on numerous factors. This can be the condition of the site and the type of development. Some circumstances can make it more difficult; take former industrial sites for example. This is because they are likely to have contaminated land.

Utilising Expertise

Every project requires us to be aware of exactly what it is that we need to do. We can do this through the use of surveys and assessments. For example with surveys of the soil, we can take a look to see if there are any dangerous substances.

We have access to vast supplies of backfill and recycled aggregates. Therefore we can provide a cost effective service for every one of our customers. We even have our very own quarries and recycling facilities to supply you with premier materials. Whatever your specifications, our skills and expertise enable us to meet these. This includes landscaping preparation and decorative work.

We are always making use of our wealth of experience and knowledge to help meet your exact needs. Regardless of whether your development is commercial or domestic, reach out to us. We will support you from the first contact up to the end of the project.

We are renowned for our high quality operations as well as a stellar reputation as specialists in earth works and asbestos removal in the North East. To get started or for more information you can contact us at 01661 832 422.