Precise and environmentally friendly demolition and dismantling

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Precise and environmentally friendly demolition and dismantling

Work involving demolition and dismantling in the North East is complex. As a result, you should always use a reputable team if you want to execute a project. The people you choose need to have the ability to complete work to the highest standards.


Industry Experts

Thompsons of Prudhoe has long been at the forefront of this field. As a result, we can handle any project our clients bring us, regardless of how tough it is. We will be able to deliver a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for your needs.


Specialist Services

We have a commitment to health and safety with our work. This is in addition to effective and efficient waste management. Our service is a sustainable one that offers clients high-quality solutions. People who turn to us know that we always provide safe disposal and thorough recycling.



Because we specialise in demolition, we take steps to reduce how much waste is sent to landfill. Our team consists of professionals who know all about the current legislation. We use our experience and knowledge to dispose of waste from projects in a responsible manner. Our cost-efficient and safe recycling methods have also earned our team a fantastic reputation.

The main aims of our work are to minimise landfill waste and also reduce the impact on the environment. Our 99.5% recycling target is something we achieve regularly. We take measures to recover all materials we can, like scrap metal, soil, and timber. If we cannot segregate concrete waste at the site, we will then move it to our recycling facilities. These are fully equipped and allow us to reuse 95% of it again.

The state of the art machinery and equipment we operate always meets health and safety guidelines. Our team will also work hard to provide you with the help you need. This includes an assurance that we will carry out any work in an eco-friendly manner. So, for more details about our demolition and dismantling services in the North East, give us a call.