Our comprehensive earthworks can minimise environmental effects

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Photo of an digger in earthworks

Our comprehensive earthworks can minimise environmental effects

Essentially, earthworks involve moving and processing soil and rock. This branch of engineering requires the right level of experience and skill. Luckily, we have a wealth of knowledge. In fact, Thompsons of Prudhoe can provide the most proficient earthworks in the North East. Our team can handle all of the aspects of your project in an efficient manner.


Complicated Work

A job that requires earthworks can include transferring soil and rock in different quantities. This might be necessary for various reasons; maybe you need to transport earth to a different site. Alternatively, you might need to change the level or height of a location for construction purposes. There are also many projects that involve excavation and backfill.


Delivering Successful Results

We will visit a client’s site so that we can conduct a thorough survey. If you go ahead with the work we will ensure your project is fully compliant with all environmental legislation.

Working with us for construction and demolition offers a whole host of benefits. Our team always assesses every project to make sure there is maximum value. We can deal with all planning conditions and meet the project requirements. We are also able to design and develop specifically engineered building platforms.


You Can Rely On Thompsons of Prudhoe

During each project, we apply our vast knowledge and experience. As a result of this, we can formulate a very cost-effective solution. We always use careful planning so that our clients save money with land development.

In addition, we have access to our own extensive vehicle fleet, quarries and recycled aggregates. This means that we can carry vast amounts of road stone and backfill while providing an economical service.

At Thompsons of Prudhoe, we are fully committed to reducing our environmental impact as much as we can. The way we operate allows us to reduce our carbon footprint and lower transport costs.

We have executed a huge number of successful earthworks jobs. Our team is more than happy to take on projects of all types. We use high grade machinery and work to current health and safety guidelines. By doing this, we can deliver quality results.

Reach out to us if you would like to talk about earthworks in the North East; a member of our team would love to assist you.