One Small Step For Thompsons, One Giant Leap For The Environment

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One Small Step For Thompsons, One Giant Leap For The Environment

As a nation, and even more so on a global scale, it is safe to say that we are vastly becoming more aware of the impact that we are having on the environment. Whether that be the effect from our jobs, the means in which we commute to and from and even down to the daily necessities that we use and take for granted. As it currently stands, the world’s population to this date is seven billion AND counting. This rapid development therefore means that a lot of pressure is on resources and for us to each do our bit, to find more sustainable ways of living and operating our businesses.

With the mass construction work that our organisation carries out day in, day out – we are fully aware of the effect that our work can have on the environment here at Thompsons of Prudhoe, if the correct steps of prevention are not put in place. Which is why we always aim to carry out our work as environmentally friendly as possible and reducing waste exactly where we can.



Firstly, Tell Me What Work Thompsons of Prudhoe Can Carry Out?

Here at Thompsons, we are a specialist contractor in all of the following: Demolition, Deconstruction, Decommissioning, Industrial Dismantling, Asbestos Removal, Site Reclamation, Site Clearance, Earthmoving and Contaminated Land Remediation. With over 73 years of being one of the industry leaders, we offer a fully comprehensive turnkey service – meaning we are one company, who can do it all for you, whatever your needs, demands and time scales. From your initial consultation, to the handover of the site to begin the construction phase, you are in the best hands with Thompsons of Prudhoe.



What Is The Environmental Impact That Your Work Has?

Due to the type of work that we carry out, not to mention the mass scale of work (teaming up with some of the countries biggest names in business) – as you can imagine there could be a significant amount of pressure that we could be putting on the environment if we did not put prevention steps in place to minimise our environmental damage and grow our green footprint. From Demolition to Deconstruction, Asbestos Removal and Site Clearance for example, there can be a lot of waste generated in our projects.


So What Do You Do To Increase Your Sustainability As A Business?

Firstly, having a well-equipped team of employees who all hold the correct and sufficient training and expert knowledge on their each individual field of the business helps to support our sustainable ethos massively. Behind every successful company, are a group of team players working to make each goal achievable. Thompsons of Prudhoe are not only long-standing members of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors, and the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association, but our staff are also members of the Institute of Demolition Engineers and the Chartered Institution of Waste Management.


We continuously strive to invest into the training and upskilling of our workforce, ensuring that each and every member holds expert knowledge and can derive professional solutions to any matter they could be faced with throughout any stage of a project timeline.


But did you know that our recycling rate is at a current 97%?!


We are proud to say that we often exceed this – achieving 99% plus! This is down to our strict procedures on Waste Segregation and Disposal – as wherever possible, we will always reuse or recycle any of our customers’ demolition waste. Whether that be brick, concrete and mixed soils/brick/concrete materials – if something can be modified to be reused on another project, or can be easily recycled rather than sent to block up landfill, then we will always take these steps to do our part for the environment, as every little bit counts.



Why YOUR Business Or Project Needs Thompsons…

If you have any upcoming projects that fit our criteria of work that we can carry out for you, then we believe that we are the number one contractor of choice that you should work with! In terms of the type of work that we carry out, there can be a lot of waste generated and to an untrained eye, this type of waste may not be the easiest to dispose of. However, when you work with Thompsons of Prudhoe, you are guaranteed to have expert knowledge every step of the way. We know what we need to look out for, and we know exactly what we can recycle or reuse to ensure that your project does no damage to the environment! We go the extra mile for all of our clients, whether it be a small project or a large construction process, rest assured you have nothing to worry about – meaning you can leave it all up to us, while you get back to your day job.


Get In Touch Today…

If you would like to discuss any of our services with our team, or you would like to discuss in more detail the exact steps we take into ensuring all of our work is environmentally friendly – then please don’t hesitate to get in touch today. Give us a call on +44(0)1661 832 422 or write to us at and we are more than happy to lend our assistance wherever possible!