It is important to plan for demolition work

Thompsons Demolition Machinery working at Night

It is important to plan for demolition work

When completing demolition in the North East, you need to carefully plan the work. This is especially important when it involves a hazardous site like a nuclear power station. Taking the right care ensures the work that takes place will be as safe as possible.

Planning is key

You need to arrange for risk assessments and should only proceed with work when you are certain that it is safe to do so. If you decide to work with our team, you can be confident that we will always carry out work safely. We always make sure we use the right planning, preparation, and equipment for the job.

Experienced professionals

We took on one project which involved dismantling and demolishing 5 unused storage buildings at Sellafield Nuclear Power Plant. The facility was still active during the work. As a result, this was a project that required a lot of attention to detail and care. We provided the client with precisely this to leave them with phenomenal results.

Before we began any work, we made sure to prepare. This involved erecting a fence so that no one could access this part of the site. We also implemented a traffic management system. Another important step was to establish areas for storing and processing materials. The purpose of these measures was to minimise the chance of injury to workers and members of the public.

We chose to carry out work in stages to make sure the demolition was safe. Our team made sure to use top of the range equipment and took care dismantling each component. Our approach to the work allowed for an efficient, comprehensive, and safe demolition project.

Where to turn for specialist services

We know that it can be hard to plan a big job while making sure the work is safe. Despite this, we can complete projects of all sizes in a safe and efficient manner. Our memberships like the British Safety Council and OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety show our dedication to safe practices.

Thompsons of Prudhoe is very experienced when it comes to completing demolition in the North East. If you ever need leading support, we can assist you so reach out to us today.