Ensuring demolition projects are as safe as possible

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Ensuring demolition projects are as safe as possible

The main use of demolition in the North East is to remove properties people no longer use. This will make the land available for regeneration work. There are also situations where buildings are unsafe or lack planning permission and need removing. Demolition projects happen across the UK in numerous settings including rural and urban areas.

Never overlook safety

Safety is crucial, regardless of the setting of the demolition. It is the responsibility of the company demolishing the buildings to take the right precautions.

Is everything disconnected?

Before you start any work, it is crucial you check that you have disconnected all utilities. This includes water, gas, and electricity. The importance of this is for safety and to make sure you are not wasting any resources. You won’t want project delays because you have hit a gas pipe, power cable, or water main, right?

Is the site secure?

Another essential step is minimising the spread of contaminants and rubble into the wider environment. You can accomplish this by enclosing sites with fences and hoardings. This will help keep members of the public from entering and encountering hazards. You should also take care to remove any contaminated materials before you start demolition work.

Have you considered loads?

To ensure the safety of the project, you need to control load sizes. All workers need to take great care when demolishing buildings. By doing this in stages, you can make sure that there is no excessive load on any area as this can lead to a collapse. Be sure to account for all rubble and debris, in particular, that which leans on the structure and adds to the load. You should also make sure you do not overload any equipment including cranes.

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When you have plans to demolish a building, you should seek professional support. Through our advice and leading services, we can make sure the work is complete in the safest manner. Our specialist team takes on projects of various sizes across the UK. We use our experience to ensure the safe and smooth progression of your project.

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