Comprehensive earthworks for your project

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Comprehensive earthworks for your project

Thompsons of Prudhoe have a wealth of experience with demolition and dismantling work. Thanks to this, we can complete almost any job to excellent standards. Our skilful team also completes earthworks in the North East. This is a service that is often necessary for a lot of demolition projects.

The Right Team To Call

We ensure you get swift and full completion of earthworks when you work with us. We use our top of the range machinery and resources so that we can provide quality services. While we tend to complete earthworks as a part of a demolition project, we also carry it out as a standalone job.

What Are Earthworks?

This generally involves working with the earth and moving it so that you can build on the area. You can also carry it out to uproot a structure and remove any parts of it that remain after demolition. This allows you to clear everything away before the start of a new project. You can also use earthworks to move the earth for decorative reasons.

Thorough Work

Thompsons will take care of all aspects of earthworks for you. This includes everything from the initial site survey to creating engineered building platforms. Our team makes sure they comply with relevant environmental legislation with their work. This is a part of our dedication to preserving the environment as much as we can.

We use a multi-disciplined approach to allow us to provide support on various aspects of land development. Our work covers many areas including contracts for contaminated land remediation. We even use our expertise with demolition for wider land remediation jobs. Clients will end up with clean land that they can reuse when they work with us.

Caring For The Environment

Because of our dedication to the environment, we take several measures to help preserve it for future generations. We have access to our quarries, recycling aggregates, and have an impressive plant and vehicle fleet. We move materials to and from our quarries so that we can keep our carbon footprint as small as possible.

The ability to combine our areas of expertise and services provides clients with a comprehensive experience. We follow strict safety rules and recycle materials to provide premier services. This includes demolition and earthworks in the North East. Give us a call today to utilise our 60+ years of experience.