A Guide To Choosing The Right Contractors For Your Project

A Guide To Choosing The Right Contractors For Your Project

When you have a project that includes or covers any of the following services: Demolition, Asbestos Removal, Earthworks or Site Clearance, then it is essential that you choose a legitimate contractor who can confidently deal with the task in hand. 

It’s safe to say that any of the work listed above can be dangerous in its own right, therefore it requires a great deal of planning with a team who are well equipped and adverse. But how do you know that you have chosen the right contractors, we hear you ask? Here at Thompsons of Prudhoe, we are proud to be a household name in the North East of England for all of the right reasons. So today we’re going to share our guide with you on how to choose the right contractors for your project… and what to avoid. 

Top Tips For Choosing The Right Contractors For Your Project


Reputation has the power to make or break a contract. We’re sure you would agree. When you are seeking a contractor to tackle your construction project, it is important that you choose a transparent company. By transparent, we mean that they are honest, open and clear.

  • Honest – About the services and results they can deliver
  • Open – They are happy to tell and show you about past projects, open you up to previous customers of theirs if you are in doubt and prove that they have nothing to hide
  • Clear – If you Google them… what will show? Good comments demonstrate good deeds

A good reputation will fill you with confidence in their ability to do the job and will build your trust. 


A good contractor will hold good values and morals. Here at Thompsons of Prudhoe, we remain the same family-owned business that we started from over seventy years ago now. We directly employ 300 employees, and strongly believe in the growth and development of both our loyal and long-standing workforce and our local community. 

We continuously invest in the training and upskilling of our workforce, and the purchasing of new and advanced plant and equipment. Our commitment to QHSE excellence and technical performance is demonstrated by our awards, externally validated certifications, accreditations and memberships. 

A Thorough Service

More than likely, when you hire a demolition contractor, they will specialise in the removal of asbestos too. And the same goes for Earthworks and Site Clearance. When you are looking for a contractor to commence on your project, you want to ensure that they can perform a thorough service, as this means as little hassle and involvement from you as possible. Leave it to the professionals! 

We are proud to be a specialist Demolition, Deconstruction, Decommissioning, Industrial Dismantling, Asbestos Removal, Site Reclamation, Earthmoving, Contaminated Land Remediation and Site Clearance Contractor operating throughout the UK. In tow, we offer a fully comprehensive turnkey service, allowing our customers to deal with ONE company throughout the entire site preparation and enabling process. From your initial consultation, to the handover of the site ready for the construction phase. We have you covered!

A Proven Success Track Record / Experience

It’s no surprise to say that if you notice a contractor bags the big jobs, with well-known names, then you are going to be swayed. One thing that you should always ask your contractor, before any paperwork is signed, is for them to share some past projects of theirs with you. If they are proud of their work – the proof will be in the pudding. If they are claiming to be great, but hesitant on showing you their portfolio – then doubts should be in mind. 

Here at Thompsons, we are extremely proud of the clients we have worked with. Want to check them out for yourself? Head on over to Our Projects page on our website. 

Alternatively, you can take a look at our official online brochure here too!

Policy Control

Another area that you must check when you hire a contractor, is that they follow strict workplace policies. This can be anywhere from health and safety, environmental, sustainability to quality and many more. A company’s policies will help instill confidence and trust from your part, and demonstrates exactly how they operate from the get-go. You can take a look at the company policies that we abide by at Thompsons of Prudhoe

What To Avoid:

  • A company with no public-record reviews / references
  • A company with very limited information (until you request more)
  • A company that do not present you with a contract or outline a rough contract procedure at the initial consultation stage
  • A company with no set-up structure for payment