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Business owners with properties built pre-2000 have an additional responsibility of care for their staff. This is because the buildings could contain asbestos. If any alterations are being made, no matter how small, a check must be done to make sure the harmful material is not present. Many owners decide to have the asbestos removed once and for all when they identify it, or if the condition risks deteriorating. Thompsons of Prudhoe is so experienced at asbestos removal North East businesses can expect a great service every time.

Every business must comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. The HSE chose to upgrade the standards to maximise health and safety. This also further reduces the risk of exposure. The rules came into force in April 2012, introducing a handful of changes to requirements for non-licensed work. Other requirements remained the same.

Understand your duty

One of the most important aspects of the regulations is that the person in charge of the maintenance of non-domestic properties has a “duty to manage” the asbestos. As a result they should be as clear as possible about its location and must monitor the condition.

If alteration work is to go ahead there are generally two options. First is to remove the asbestos at the outset to maximise safety. This is typically the best option but it can result in some disruption. The second choice is to be careful with risk management and work on parts of the property where the material is not present.

A professional contractor should take care of asbestos removal. They must possess the right credentials, including licences, training and insurance. In addition to the health and safety requirements, they must ensure the asbestos disposal is in full compliance with environmental legislation.

Thompsons of Prudhoe can provide asbestos removal North East based businesses can be reassured by. We are members of ARCA – the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association – and hold a full HSE Issued Asbestos Removal Licence, ensuring we will achieve the safest results at every phase of a project. This includes arranging to dispose of the asbestos in the right way.

If you are planning a project we are happy to advise you. Contact our team to learn more about your obligations and how to keep everybody in the property safe.