Working to minimise health and safety risks for demolition projects

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There are buildings and structures that have stood for decades. Sometimes though, there comes a need to have one demolished. Ours is a team fully equipped with expert training and high grade equipment. They are the people to trust for demolition and asbestos removal in the North East.

Work like this can be dangerous so taking the necessary precautions is vital for safety. This is also so that we can complete work to high standards, being thorough and not missing any steps.

We have extensive experience completing demolition projects. This includes car parks, chemical plants, industrial business units and inner city developments. We finish all projects to leave our clients more than satisfied with our services. This has helped us obtain our excellent reputation.

Never Overlook Safety Measures

Demolition requires workers to deal with a specified area with precision. This job needs taking on with care so that both those working on the project and all members of the public remain safe from harm at all times. This is one of our promises when you come to us as our safety record is flawless.

We carry out both remote and long reach demolition for comprehensive work. This will change as we alter our methods depending on the job at hand to obtain the best results.

Consistent High Standards Of Work

We are members of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors as well as the Institute of Demolition Engineers. This will help you to have peace of mind that we are dedicated to our work. Budgets and deadlines are not an issue as we can work to schedules while also meeting your expectations.

Our recycling centres and waste disposal sites take away hassle for you as you can go through one company. We utilise our ample facilities to reduce the impact our work has on the environment. This includes recycling all possible materials. When materials aren’t suitable for recycling, we use other disposal methods. These will also be with the environment in mind.

Ever since 1948 we have continued offering our meticulous demolition and asbestos removal in the North East. This allows us to maintain a stellar reputation built on solid foundations. Thanks to the impressive range of services we provide we continue to be a top company our customers choose for premier work. Contact Thompsons of Prudhoe today and call 01661 832 422.