Why would a chemical plant need dismantling?

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Once a structure or building involved in the production or storage of harmful materials has fulfilled its purpose it is generally best to dismantle it. This helps to boost safety, preventing people who venture onto the site from getting injured. It is also good for the environment as it reduces the risk of the land being contaminated further. Thirdly, it can free up space for new developments.

At Thompsons of Prudhoe we have extensive experience with dismantling, offering comprehensive services from our base in the North East. We have high-tech equipment and an experienced team so we can tackle all kinds of projects. With particular expertise in nuclear, chemical and petrochemical plants, our business is the ideal choice when dealing with high hazard environments.

The thing to keep in mind with chemical plants is that even on the best operated facilities, there will likely be some kind of contamination on the site as a result of the previous operations. If facilities are not dismantled when they have been decommissioned and no longer in use, the land and plant risk deteriorating, making it even more expensive and difficult to remediate, and increase the risk of harm to both personnel and the environment.

Leaving redundant chemical plants and other facilities to degrade, even when monitored, is also not an efficient use of the resources on the site. With dismantling, all valuable materials can be removed and put to new use. This includes all metals, timbers, bricks, concrete, and often component parts such as vessels and tanks can be re-used. The solution is much better than simply leaving everything to deteriorate.

Although dismantling is a really good option it must still be executed thoroughly and methodically. The utmost care must be taken to maximise safety throughout the project. We do just that, planning everything with great detail to ensure we comply with and exceed health and safety standards.

Working with us on dismantling means you get award-winning professionalism and support from a highly knowledgeable, long serving company that prides itself on the fact that it employs its staff directly, not using agency or self-employed workers. It also provides an array of benefits because we have access to all the machinery and facilities that are needed to dismantle a structure, transport the materials, and dispose of them effectively.

If you would like to find out why we are the leading specialist for dismantling in the North East or want to discuss the specifics of your project with us please get in touch.