Why is it important to know site parameters?

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Site parameters are always unique, reflecting the past uses and type of development. It is important to have as much information about them as possible before starting any clearance or redevelopment work. That way it is will be easier to maximise safety and also protect the environment. As a team experienced with dismantling North East developers can trust, Thompsons of Prudhoe can be relied on to conduct a full investigation and adapt to suit the specifications.

Several different factors determine the site parameters. The most important ones include:

The groundwater level and flow
Geology and ground hazards
Level of soil contamination
Physical hazards
The presence of gas as well as other harmful substances
The condition of any buildings

Each of these can have an impact on the project organisation and the work schedule. For example the first tasks should be to make the site secure and safe. Additional surveys and assessments may be necessary, including checks for asbestos.

Whilst demolition does not usually require planning permission as it is not classed as “Development”, demolition usually requires six weeks prior notice to the Local Authority Building Control before it begins. This is dealt with by a Section 80 Notice under the Building Act 1984.

The Local Authority Building Control may decide to issue its own notice in response within six weeks of receipt of the notification. This can specify conditions that need to be met. They may include precautions to protect adjoining properties as well as the public.

A comprehensive service

A factor that makes Thompsons of Prudhoe one of the best for Brownfield development is our comprehensive service. We can work to all kinds of different site parameters, ensuring we always comply with requirements. Whether it is dismantling, demolition, hazardous waste management or all of these, we can provide all of the support you need.

Importantly we provide a one stop service so you don’t need to deal with multiple sub-contractors. We can take care of everything, from securing the site to removing and disposing of materials effectively. We have the skills, training and Regulatory Approval to deal with harmful substances like asbestos.

If they are planning a project that involves dismantling North East developers should call on us. We achieve excellent results on a wide variety of different sites. Contact us today if you would like to speak about your plans.