What options are there for asbestos management?

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Between 1930 and 1999 asbestos was used in the construction of buildings all across the UK. It can currently be found in homes, office buildings, schools, and various other properties built during this period. Removing it is necessary in a number of cases, especially if there is a serious risk it will be disturbed, releasing the dust and putting inhabitants at risk. In other situations the materials can be left alone and not disturbed.

When deciding what to do about the material it is vital to first determine the type that has been used, the condition of materials, and where they are located. This will provide a better idea of the risks that are posed and whether asbestos removal is the right course of action. The best way to get the information is with a professional survey.

The results of the survey will help to determine what course of action is required. There are generally three different options.

Firstly the survey may show that leaving asbestos alone is perfectly acceptable. This will generally only be the case if it is in locations where it is unlikely to be disturbed and there is low risk of anybody coming into contact with it.

The second option for dealing with asbestos is encapsulation. This is a relatively simple service where a protective adhesive is added to the materials that contain the harmful substance. The adhesive prevents dust from being generated if the materials are not cut into.

The final service is a full scale professional removal. If leaving the material or encapsulation are not viable options this is the only course of action to take. It must be done with the utmost care, ensuring the right technique is used and that all traces of contamination are removed.

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If you would are worried about the potential presence of asbestos in a property please contact us.