What is BS 8520 and why is it important?

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There are a number of high risk industries but asbestos removal is one of the most dangerous. A huge amount of caution is needed when even trying to locate the material, let alone for handling and disposing of it. This is because exposure to the dust it generates can cause serious health complications.

To improve safety there are a number of important standards to be aware of. BS 8520 is a very important one because it details the standards that equipment must meet in order to be used for asbestos removal. The specifications are split into three parts;

Part 1 – covers controlled wetting equipment
Part 2 – provides specifications for negative pressure units
Part 3 – is a code of practice for class H vacuum cleaners

Any applicable equipment used for asbestos removal should comply with BS 8520. The standard ensures that the device in question meets the requirements set out in the code and will be safe for use.

At Thompsons of Prudhoe we always stay up to date on the relevant standards, whether they are for demolition, removing asbestos, or recycling materials. As a result we can offer consistently high quality service for each and every client and mitigate potential hazards.

Part 1 of BS 8520 is most significant to us for when we do wet strip injection removal. The technique is an important one because it effectively reduces the amount of dust that is produced when removing materials. As a result it is a safer process than dry removal and reduces the need for clean-up afterwards.

BS 8520-1:2009 provides specifications for wetting equipment. Importantly it sets out that the devices should inject or spray liquid to suppress fibres before and after removal. Injection or spraying should be done at low pressures and be multi-point. Equipment that complies with the standard can be used for removing various types of asbestos containing materials (ACMs) including insulating board, protective coatings, and thermal coating on pipes and tanks.

The Thompsons of Prudhoe team take safety very seriously when it concerns asbestos. That is why we ensure we always comply with standards and only use top of the line equipment.

If they require asbestos removal North East businesses should call on us. We have experience and can provide both removal and disposal of the materials.