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With construction projects of any kind, the ground you are working on is a fundamental part. It determines the quality and stability of the results. There is no need for concern though with our assistance. For many years we have offered specialist earth works in the North East. The comprehensiveness of our services allows for peace of mind that the surface will be ready. Therefore, whatever your project, we will work to provide a solution.

The Right Foundations

The land may not always be ready for what you have in mind. In cases like this, it will need changes to make it suitable for use. We can help ensure the conditions are fit for your building project to take place and also offer great results. Our professional work enables us to develop the ground to match your specifications.

There are various factors of earth works and land development to be aware of. We have vast experience with all of these, built up from completed projects. In addition we support our clients at every step as we will be there from the first survey up to completion. We tailor our solutions to match your needs with precision while remaining economical.

Our Process

We understand that the needs of projects vary between customers. Because of this we are more than happy to adjust our services as necessary. We can apply this to everything from a big contract to a single service.

Through our work we make the most of our recycled aggregates and quarries. As a result we can provide people with cost effective supplies of materials to assist with the project. Whatever the requirements of your job, we can be there. Our ability to offer first class advice comes from extensive industry knowledge.

With the excellent skill set of our team, we can offer whatever help that you need. This is all the while assisting you with compliance with legislation. Additionally we ensure a minimal environmental impact. For earth works in the North East, you should be relying on Thompsons Of Prudhoe.