Using decommissioning to ensure land is fit for purpose

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Over the last few decades we have all seen the remarkable shift in focus for economic activities, with many of the older industries being replaced by the new. One of the most visible changes to come about due to this is the way in which we make use of land.

There still remain many large sites featuring industrial plants and buildings that have been effectively abandoned. Working with new site owners with a vision, our decommissioning and dismantling teams can ensure that this land can be reclaimed for other, much needed purposes.

At present the number one source of demand for land comes from the property sector. Our nation faces a severe shortage of housing for our growing population. A consequence of this has been to utilise former – and now vacant – industrial sites for the purpose of building houses.

Whilst all would, we trust, agree that this re-purposing of land makes a great deal of sense, the challenge is to make it viable to do it. The biggest challenge to this is ensuring that the disused and abandoned industrial land is fit for this new use.

Simple demolition and clearance may not be enough to achieve this, as that leaves the risk of dangerous or harmful materials being allowed to remain. Our decommissioning and site remediation services enable the land to be put into a condition to enable any type of subsequent use to be achieved, and to be certified by 3rd parties to be so.

Whilst our love of history and tradition means it is sad to see some remarkable industrial installations removed from the landscape, it is far more important to make as much efficient use of space as possible. We are proud of the fact that our services are at the forefront of transforming land for use across the country.

If you are planning a similar project on your own site, or contemplating acquiring such as site, we would love to hear from you to discuss how our experience of nearly seventy years in the construction sector can add value and help deliver your project. When you need help with decommissioning in the North East, turn to us.