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At Thompsons Of Prudhoe we take on projects that vary in complexity. We have done all we can to meet the highest standards ever since we established our company. Now, we are at the forefront of decommissioning and demolition in the North East. Our reputation is something we have built for more than 6 decades by always looking to improve.

Staying At The Top Of The Industry

Ours is a competitive and demanding industry. In order to succeed in this dangerous area we have to consider numerous factors. One of which is keeping up to date with developments.

This sector never stands still for long. Therefore we regularly train workers and update their knowledge. We also make sure to use only the best, state of the art machinery. The combination of this equipment and our expert staff provides great results.

We never start a project before ensuring that we completely comprehend your needs. By agreeing on budgets, needs and time frames, we ensure that we can meet your specifications. Despite your unique circumstances, we will work alongside you to ensure your satisfaction.

Work We Do

We take on a diverse array of projects. Regardless of how many we take part in we always stay professional, never faltering away from our standards.

The scale of our demolition work is immense. We have experience in various industries, including nuclear. As well as low rise structures we can demolish high-rises with precision. We always take care with every aspect of our work and oversee everything from the beginning to the end.

Health And Safety At All Times

When dismantling industrial plants, large structures and more, we observe health and safety requirements. This is because adherence to regulations, safety and skill of execution is paramount. With our work we plan a controlled project to take apart whatever you need. We can even do this while keeping certain elements that you want to hold on to safe. You can see from our excellent track record that we always complete jobs to high standards.

Supporting The Environment

We are proud of our membership with The National Federation of Demolition Contractors. Our commitment to eco-friendly work is also something that will never change. We give clients help with recycling any and all waste to reduce the amount that goes into landfill. The purpose of this is to reduce the chance of damaging the environment.

To find out how we can help you with dismantling and demolition in the North East, contact us today.