The importance of earth works

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Being one of the leading contractors for earth works in the North East, we have a vast amount of experience. When dealing with this part of the demolition process, our services are very beneficial.

Regardless of whether it is done alone or as part of a wider project, we can provide expert assistance. We do this through offering the equipment and highly trained staff necessary to complete the job. Our promise is to provide you with nothing less than the highest quality of service.

Potential Problems

Following demolition, huge quantities of earth may need moving. This helps to reconstitute the ground that the structures were in/on. If you do not move and renovate the surface, the original foundations might still be there. This will leave you with unstable ground to build on.

After the removal of structures, large holes may remain and these will also need filling in. If you are planning redevelopment on the site at a later date, we cannot stress the importance of earth works enough.

Invest In Our Services

Thanks to our impressive fleet, we can complete work on many scales. We can lend our highly skilled and well-trained staff to any job, alongside our fleet of vehicles. On top of this is our expertise in the field, allowing us to provide help and advice where and when people need it.

Over the years we have been honing our techniques. Because of this, we are able to ensure that our process is economical for all our customers. Our quarries and access to a vast amount of recycled aggregates provides us with backfill and road stone.

Our fleet can carry these materials in bulk. In addition, we can load extra earth onto our vehicles as soon as they arrive and deliver the materials. This means that they are full both when leaving and returning to the site of your project.

Not only does this lower transportation costs, but there is also an ecological benefit. This comes from using recycled materials, recycling them and reducing fuel consumption.

The Best Choice

We have over six decades in business and offering earth works in the North East. This means that there are very few companies who can claim to have the same expertise as us. We have a large fleet and a legion of highly-dedicated and trained staff. Along with our vast properties including quarries and waste disposal centres, we can complete projects on any scale.

We promise you nothing less than our complete dedication when it comes to your project. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 01661 832 422.