The benefits of crushing on site during demolition work

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One thing many site owners regularly underestimate is the sheer volume of materials that need to be removed during demolition work. Even the smallest projects can produce a surprising amount of waste and transporting it all away can be very challenging. Fortunately the highly experienced team at Thompsons of Prudhoe is here to help. We are one of the leading providers of demolition services in the North East and offer a great service for every project.

An important thing we have learned over the years is that it is much easier to deal with demolition waste when it has been broken down. For example large pieces of structural steelwork are tricky to move, load on to vehicles, and transport. Cut them down to more manageable pieces though and the task is much easier. We can do just that for a wide array of different materials, utilising the right equipment to get jobs done.

Bricks and concrete can both be broken down to make them re-useable on site for the follow-on development. We have top of the line crushing equipment and can crush on site whenever it is required. The process is quick and effective and also means the materials can be re-used in the future as hardcore.

In order to effectively crush on site we need to have enough space to accommodate the machinery. The area needs to be safely situated so that people on the site don’t run the risk of injury as a result of the process. Additionally planning criteria must be satisfied and environmental factors taken into account. The work will not be able to take place if it will negatively impact the environment or surroundings.

Once all of the materials are properly crushed our loaders, excavators and rollers will be on hand to carefully lay the material to the clients’ specifications. We are immensely proud of our large fleet of vehicles and the ability it gives us to provide services from start to finish.

If you are planning project that involves demolition in the North East we recommend you contact us to arrange services. We will add as much value as we can to the work and achieve the very highest standards for you.