Taking care of inert waste during earth works

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Muckaway, also known as cartaway, is a service that is required on many earth works projects. It is the process of removing inert waste from a site, whether it is soil, concrete, or hardcore. Other materials may be classified as inert as long as they have been suitably tested and deemed to not pose a risk of affecting other matter that they come into contact with.

Thompsons of Prudhoe are one of the most accomplished teams for earth works North East developers can work with. We have the ability to project manage each job, handling every single aspect so there is no need to deal with other subcontractors. We can do this because of the outstanding resources we have to call on such as our talented team and fleet of vehicles.

As part of our earth works projects we can handle the removal of any type of waste, whether inert, non-hazardous, or hazardous waste. Due to our size and the number of different projects we take on across the region, we commonly find a good demand for soils, concrete, hardcore, and other materials. This means that we can provide an efficient service to take it from a site where redevelopment is taking place to one of our established hubs for recycling and use on another one. This is a cost effective solution and also helps the environment by reducing landfill.

We can efficiently remove waste from all kinds of sites, including those in close proximity to live services and amenities. Our modern fleet of vehicles means we can load effectively into wagons and handle the logistics. We have the experience to tackle large or small volumes of materials, organising each service to ensure we stick to tight deadlines.

When we handle muckaway we ensure we meet the highest environmental standards. We are proud to be long term ESA members and always look to make sure resources are saved wherever possible. As a result we can make every project greener.

If you want to discuss muckaway with one of the best teams for earth works North East businesses can rely on, please contact us. We can cover all of the various types of waste we deal with and detail the full extent of our fleet of vehicles. Every service we provide is tailored to the client’s needs to deliver maximum value.