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There are many occasions in which complete demolishment will not suffice. Some jobs require the comprehensive dismantling of a building. Generally, this occurs when owners wish to keep an aspect of the property or do not want it all disposed of. We can assist with this, as we provide premier services for dismantling and demolition in the North East.

These services are often combined to remove all traces of a building. At Thompsons of Prudhoe, we have been providing this high quality work for several years.

What Does It Involve?

Essentially, dismantling entails stripping down and taking certain structures on a property apart. This can include removing particular parts as well as salvaging specific equipment. One situation where this is often needed is in plants.

Certain aspects of a property, such as monuments and monoliths, might need saving. In instances like this, we can dismantle them for the property owner to erect again at a later date.

Dismantling tends to occur alongside controlled demolition. This ensures that only the parts of the property that need it get demolished. We help protect and also recover every asset that needs it.

When we dismantle, our process is simple. The first step is to plan out our work with care. Unlike demolition, dismantling requires finesse. It is vital that we are aware of what the property owner wants keeping. Only after we know which assets need protecting will we begin to dismantle them attentively.

If this is not possible for any reason, we will take all possible steps to protect them. Then we will dismantle when it is possible to do so. We can take apart entire structures or single pieces of equipment, depending on your needs.

Taking Care Of Waste

We have four waste disposal sites in addition to three recycling centres. They enable us to discard any waste in a safe manner. Any and all materials which we can recycle will go through our recycling centres for processing. All other waste goes through one of our disposal sites.

The strict measures we work under helps ensure that there is a minimal impact on the environment. We can execute our services alongside live equipment as well as transport links. Taking the utmost caution is important to us to make sure that we and those around us are safe.

At Thompsons of Prudhoe, we provide our services to a wide variety of industries. As a result we have built a number of partnerships thanks to the sheer quality of our work. Our sixty years of experience guides us and we assure you that we will always tailor our work to your exact needs. To learn more about what we do including dismantling and demolition in the North East, call us.