So many industrial site materials are recyclable – don’t waste them

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Decommissioning an industrial site once it has shut down involves a lot of work. The materials on site can be harmful to the environment so people have a duty to minimise their impact as much as possible. Contaminated items and harmful substances need your attention first so that the job can be safe and go on with ease. You should also prioritise items considered valuable rather than waste. You can then protect them so that you can use them again. We can be of help with this as well as offering the best earth works in the North East and more.

Take Care

After dealing with the items that need extra care, you can move onto other work. The rest of the contents of the structure will need dismantling to make removing everything else easier. You cannot do this without careful planning to stop the structure from becoming unstable. If this would happen then you will need to rethink your approach to the job.

What To Do With Materials

You cannot overlook materials left after you dismantle and decommission an industrial property. You need to do something with them and you should not dump it all into landfill. People often fail to recognise the large amount of materials that are suitable for reusing and recycling. Examples of this are structural steels, bricks and masonry as well as other metals. You can even recycle green waste to put it to good use.

Contaminated items will require careful handling and appropriate disposal methods. You should always look at the people you trust your waste with and make sure that they will be responsible.

Planning to recycle items is a great idea but those from an industrial site need special care. A wise approach is to contact a professional early on in the project. This is to establish what facilities are needed for handling and whether the company is capable of dealing with the items. For this, you can count on Thompsons of Prudhoe. We use our own recycling facilities and have the necessary licences for carrying and processing waste. Everything appropriate will go through recycling and what isn’t, we will deal with using responsible methods.

Our name is synonymous with leading work in dismantling, decommissioning and earth works in the North East. We handle waste with safety in mind and put big stock in recycling. You can place your trust in us for your project so for hassle free services, reach out to our team.