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The demolition and construction industry is quite simply one of the most demanding in the world. It dictates the need for uncompromising professional services as well as an unfaltering respect and regard for health and safety at all times. At Thompsons we have been successfully completing complex projects for over sixty years. There is no task we cannot undertake, making us the number one for decommissioning services in the North East.

We have everything necessary to undertake technically challenging projects. From beginning to end, we will execute utter professionalism and also fully adhere to safety conditions.

Complex jobs

Demolition projects can be very complex. Luckily our experience includes extensive work in the nuclear and chemical industries, along with the safe and successful demolition of elaborate high rise structures and inner city developments. Consequently, we oversee every aspect, ensuring customers never have to deal with different people. From the moment of consultation, to site surveys and the recycling of the demolition waste, you will always work with only us.

We believe in constant training, ensuring our team are on top of their game. Because we are members of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors, we regularly receive training regarding current developments in the industry. We aim to make sure our customers benefit from expertise at this very high level.

Our dedication to quality also extends to the acquisition of the most up to date equipment. We believe that the best demolition work can only be done by the right team and top of the line machinery. Furthermore, our projects will always deliver within the agreed budget and time frame.


We have a wealth of experience of dismantling structures as well as industrial plants. It is often the case that customers wish to retain certain aspects of their facilities. Fortunately we can undertake a controlled take down that respects the customers’ need to recover and protect specific assets.

Whatever the scale of the demolition or decommissioning job, we plan for the risks. As a result we can achieve optimal safety. Our team have the skills and experience to remove asbestos. We possess an abundance of experience when it comes to asbestos removal and decommissioning services in the North East.

We have worked hard to ensure our management system provides a solution for every waste problem you may encounter. Different projects result in various forms of rubbish, but we are committed to helping you reduce and recycle it. Our ultimate aim is to reduce the levels of waste that find their way to landfills. This regard for the environment is deeply embedded within our company principle.

Earthwork projects

Finally, we can also do earthworks projects alongside decommissioning services in the North East. The service is comprehensive, from the survey of your site at the start of the project through to the development of engineered building platforms. Our team has the right experience and take a strict, disciplined approach. Therefore we ensure the best guidance and support on every single aspect of land development.

As proven earthworks contractors, we can guarantee access to quarries and recycled aggregates. Our extensive fleet of vehicles will supply the right amounts of backfill and road stone, making sure of a reduction in the carbon footprint.

If you need help or want to arrange decommissioning services in the North East you can rely on, contact our team. Thompsons of Prudhoe ticks all of the right boxes.