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Concrete slabs are the base for a wide variety of different structures, from buildings to roads and pavements. These surfaces are designed to be durable and offer protection against ground movement. When it comes to redeveloping a site though, the slab may need to be removed so that a new one can be laid. This can be a challenging project but is no trouble for Thompsons of Prudhoe, one of the best teams for demolition North East England has to offer.

Before removal of concrete slab can occur the site needs to be properly prepared. A risk assessment and site survey must be completed to make sure there aren’t any amenities embedded in the surface. The last thing you want is to damage a water or gas main, electrical wires, telephone or internet cables. Each of them must be located and marked on the site. Nearby and overhead amenities also need to be considered.

The next stage is to clear the site, removing any debris such as rocks and dirt that could disrupt the project or result in hazards. Taking care with this is important and can provide big time and cost savings over the course of the project.

The key to removing slabs effectively is to use the right tools. The concrete needs to be broken up so that it is easier to remove. Any embedded rebar should be cut up and dug out so it can also be removed.

At Thompsons of Prudhoe we have the equipment and skills to handle the removal of concrete slabs of all shapes, sizes and depths. The best aspect of working with us is we can handle everything, from surveying to breaking up the slab and transporting it away if there are no other uses for the materials on the site. We add value at every stage and always focus on efficiency.

In addition to the above we always work to maximise safety. That is why we invest heavily in training for our staff, ensuring they are competent at working with the machinery we have. We also understand the value of wearing the correct PPE on every project, ensuring that our team are protected.

When it comes to demolition North East developers should call on us to help them. We can handle every aspect of a project, removing structures, slab, and preparing the site for the construction phase. If you want to find out more please get in touch.