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Having been honoured with the “Demolition Specialist of the Year 2014” title for the high degree of quality that goes into our work, you can see that our company is one that always strives to deliver the best. Dismantling is a tricky, delicate business and it requires only the most seasoned of professionals to undertake. Fortunately for our customers, our level of experience is one of the best in the UK, meaning that we can take on any project and complete it to the highest of standards.

The impacts that recycling has on the world aren’t exactly kept secret; these same benefits apply to our dismantling work as well. For countless years we’ve seen time and again the undeniable evidence of the benefits, whether it’s the reduced landfill space, the reusing of materials, or even all of the money that is saved. If this isn’t enough to persuade you, then maybe consider some of the other positive aspects of recycling.

Going green reflects well on everyone involved, from the site owner to the operator. In times past recycling was something of a novelty in the dismantling industry, as well as the construction business in general. In today’s age though, it isn’t a simple formality; everyone expects it from you.

When it comes to dismantling a structure it’s likely that you’ll encounter many materials that could be recycled. Items like metals, timbers, bricks, and even glass can all be saved for reuse or recycling. This is true whether they are intact or damaged. By preserving these and ensuring they are put to good use in the future you can reduce the carbon footprint of the project. It can also provide cost savings too.

At Thompsons of Prudhoe, it has always been our policy to recycle as much of the material as possible on every project. Instead of contributing to the increase of landfill sites, we find more practical approaches, which not only benefit us, but nature too. For the greenest dismantling services in the North East and beyond, we are the people to call.