Protecting soil resources in construction, demolition and earth works

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On any construction and earth works project, regardless of where it takes place in the UK, it is crucial that soils are managed sustainably. Soil is after-all a finite resource that satisfies a wide array of functions.

Defra (the Department for Food and Rural Affairs) released a code for correct practice in this regard in 2009. The document is designed to assist people in the protection and proper use of soil resources. Following the guidance can provide an array of benefits, including ensuring every resource is used efficiently and savings on costs.

There are countless important points in the code that people should take into account. One of these is the correct way to excavate, stockpile, and place the resources. This is very important for people involved in various types of construction and demolition projects, including the creation of earth works.

A crucial piece of advice is that soil should be stockpiled and moved in the driest possible conditions. This helps to reduce the risk of compaction. On top of this movement on the site should be limited and restricted to specific routes to protect soils from being compacted and contaminated.

Any periods when soil is stockpiled should be kept to a minimum and the resources should never be covered. Doing so can have a big impact on the physical, chemical, and biological properties, potentially having a huge impact on the project.

Managing soil stocks that are on site effectively can provide big benefits during projects. By taking care to reduce contamination and mixing of different types of soils the costs of a project can be dramatically reduced. The environment can also be protected as fewer resources need to come from elsewhere and there is less wastage.

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