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At Thompsons Of Prudhoe we provide services for dismantling and earth works in the North East as well as across the UK. Our aim is to be the best team for safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly work. Projects like dismantling can be complex due to the various factors you have to consider. However, we can create the right plan for the job.

You must decide on a safe method to take down the structure. This is while considering when it was built, with what materials, and the purpose of the structure. You also need to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum at every stage of the work along with keeping the environment in mind. Our team recognises the importance of these factors and keeps them in mind throughout every project.

Environmental Considerations

If you plan on removing a building you need to think about what you will do with all of the waste. Sending it all to a landfill site is very bad for the environment, especially when there might be harmful contaminants. This is also not sustainable as you are not retaining the large amount of materials that people could reuse and recycle.

We always have a material recovery plan in place before beginning a project. This enables us to collect as many materials as possible and dispose of them properly.

Economic Considerations

An important part of our plan is considering economic advantages as well as environmental ones. There are materials like metals, plastics, and timbers which are easy to retain and have value. This means that you lose out if you decide to dump them. Even other materials with a lower value like concrete, masonry, asphalt, and glass are still worth it.

We will take the time to save as many valuable materials as we can when dismantling. We can then protect them without risking their value. Checking them for quality allows us to establish whether people can use them again, for example rotting timber is useless.

Work With Experts

Dismantling and earth works in the North East

Being careful and planning our work ensures we make sure that we manage and dispose of all materials in an eco-friendly way. We utilise our experience so that you can receive high quality results.

Our leading dismantling and earth works in the North East always has safety and efficiency in mind. Join the people who trust Thompsons Of Prudhoe and contact us if you would like to know more.