Our extensive recycling service helps protect the environment

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It is crucial that we protect the planet for the sake of future generations. At Thompsons of Prudhoe there are many measures that we use to keep our work environmentally friendly. In addition we look to introduce new processes where they will provide benefits. This applies to all our services, including demolition as well as asbestos removal in the North East.

Careful waste handling

Our waste management system can handle many forms of waste. We dispose of materials, including hazardous ones, safely while working to recycle what we can. We start by doing all we can to identify which disposal methods are the best in terms of cost, efficiency and impact on the planet. This way we ensure the smallest impact and the best results.

We have access to our very own quarries and a large stock of recycled aggregates. This is very helpful for earthworks. In addition we use eco friendly ways to source road stone and backfill. Because of this, we make sure our trucks are full for inbound and outbound trips. The result is a smaller carbon footprint and less waste from empty or part loads.

Our measures include recycling and re-using demolition site materials where we can. We are a member of the Chartered Institute of Waste Management. As a result we follow their guidelines and make sure that we manage all waste with as much care as possible.

Another thing we do is commit to reducing the amount of materials that we send to landfill. We use our recycling facilities so that we can process waste with great care. As a result we achieve a 95% rate for identifying, re-using, and recycling materials.

A dedicated team

Asbestos removal in the North EastIn total 16 members of our site management staff and operatives took part in a training scheme not too long ago. This was a Construction Skills SEATS course; Site Environmental Awareness. The aim was to help staff understand the importance of work aspects that relate to the environment. This is just one part of our dedication to improving our team’s knowledge and skill.

Our efforts ensure we always have quality environmental practices in place. We consider the environment in every part of our work. This includes when performing earthworks and asbestos removal in the North East. Get in touch with Thompsons of Prudhoe to hear more about our leading services.