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When completing demolition and dismantling in the North East, you may come across asbestos. This requires the correct removal and disposal. Luckily we can assist with this too. This ensures your project can move forward and keeps everyone safe.

A Little History

Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, people loved to use asbestos. The reason behind its wide use was due to its brilliant properties. It offers high quality thermal insulation along with effective fire resistance. Despite this and the abundance of the material, it is no longer common. This is because awareness of the dangers it poses to health has increased.

While it is no longer added as a part of new building projects, it is still present in a lot of older structures. People can find it in various areas such as the roof, surrounding pipes and between floors. When the time comes to remove this, it must be done in a manner with safety and care.

Safety In Mind

People should not disturb asbestos if they discover it, regardless of how. You may want to carry out checks when doing any maintenance or repairs. This can reveal whether the material is in the area to remain safe. You should leave it alone or, if you want it gone, use a team of professionals like us.

Across the North East, we carry out various services including thorough asbestos removal. Regardless of the type present in your property, we will remove it all. This can be part of demolition or construction projects. We operate as members of the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association. As well as this, we ensure that all our staff has the relevant training and skills for safe and correct management.

After the material is gone from your building, you will need additional assistance. We are more than happy to supply this through our work. Whatever documentation you need to show that the property is now safe for use, we can provide. This is possible through working with an independent company with the right approval.

When you are looking for professional services, you should work with us. We are always thorough, and even offer help and advice on various subjects related to our work. Get in touch with Thompsons Of Prudhoe to find out more about asbestos removal, demolition and dismantling in the North East.