Thorough removal of asbestos from industrial sites

Thorough removal of asbestos from industrial sites

Asbestos removal in the North East and throughout the whole of the UK needs handling with a great level of care. It doesn’t matter how big the structure is or the sector it is from; the operator must ensure safety and proper disposal.


Be Careful

In an industrial setting, you need to complete extensive surveys. This is especially important when the work is part of a decommissioning or demolition project. You should do this before you start any work. This will minimise the risk of spreading contaminants; these can be very harmful to animals and people.


Take The Right Approach

The contractor needs as many details as they can get before beginning a removal. They need to know all about the type and condition of the asbestos as well as where it is. Having this knowledge will help them devise a safe plan. It is crucial that people also follow the guidelines and consult risk assessments.

The contractor needs to make sure the site is secure before any work begins. As part of this, they must seal off locations where there is asbestos. It is important to restrict access so that only those with the correct safety equipment can enter. Fence off the outer perimeter and keep it this way during the work. This will stop any animals and people from entering and becoming exposed to harmful materials.


Minimise Risks

When carrying out asbestos removal on an occupied site, you need to eradicate the risk of contaminants spreading. This also applies if the site is adjacent to an occupied area. It is possible to do this by carefully monitoring the work. Included in this is keeping an eye on the air quality in order to limit exposure. After workers remove materials, decontamination is necessary to dispose of any traces.

Our team specialises in asbestos removal in the North East. We have a vast amount of experience in this field, including big and small projects. Thompsons of Prudhoe is a member of the trade associations ARCA and NFDC. As a result, we can support clients in various industries and can complete work safely.

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