Minimising environmental impact through efficient earthworks

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At Thompsons of Prudhoe, we have a history that dates back more than 6 decades. We offer top quality services, including decommissioning, dismantling, and earthworks in the North East. Being fully equipped enables us to carry out various kinds of construction and demolition work for a wide array of clients.

Earthworks are a section of engineering that has several aspects. This work involves moving and/or processing materials from the earth’s surface like rock and soil. Execution of each stage of this work should be left to professionals like us with skill and experience. As a result we can meet the right standards and offer lots of benefits.

You can count on us

Our team can provide extensive services for each project that we undertake. We will carry out a comprehensive site survey and make sure work complies with all environmental legislation. Our team can design and develop building platforms, and also discharge planning conditions.

We design our services to offer multiple benefits for our clients. We look at how to add value to projects through a careful assessment. Our solutions are cost-efficient so that our client can save money.

Leading work

Thanks to our experience and approach, we always provide clients with specialist advice. This is for each area of land development. We support and guide you while making the most of knowledge developed from successful projects completed over the years.

Earthworks in the North EastOne of the ways we work to meet your project requirements is through providing you with access to our quarries and recycled aggregates. We have a fleet of vehicles which can hold vast amounts of backfill and road stone. We fill up on trips back and forth from sites so that we are efficient and economical. This is also a part of our commitment to ensure a minimal environmental impact from our work.

Our team enjoys taking on all kinds of earthworks projects. Examples include jobs from railway beds and roads to canals and dams. We do this using state of the art machinery while always ensuring full adherence to health and safety standards. Our team works to ensure every project runs smoothly whether it is for the construction, public, or industrial sector.

Get in touch with Thompsons of Prudhoe to learn more about our services like earthworks in the North East. You can trust our award winning team with any kind of site development.