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No matter how good a design is, whether it is for a new building or a road, it must be able to overcome the obstacles presented by the landscape. A number of issues can occur regarding the topography, make or composition of the soil, the stability of the surface, and water flows. Fortunately the Thompsons of Prudhoe team is the most experienced provider of earth works North East businesses can call on. We can provide the ideal surface to develop on.
The aim with every earth works project should be to create a suitable plateau for building, ensuring long term stability. To achieve this, the surface must be level, durable, have suitable drainage, and feature the correct substructure. If any of these elements are not accounted for it could result in major issues.

On top of the above contamination also needs to be considered. The soil on the site should be tested to make sure it is not contaminated. If it is found to be, remediation must be done and steps need to be taken to protect the people who work on the site. On top of this the work to create the new platform to build on needs to be arranged so that contamination does not occur.

One of the most challenging aspects of an earth works project is changing the topography of the landscape. This can be done in one of two ways; cutting or filling. The first involves excavation and removing materials to level out the surface. The latter is the opposite, involving soil or rock being brought on to the site to build it up.

Deciding whether to cut or fill is very important. In some cases one option will not be feasible or prove to be more costly. Filling in particular may prove to be expensive, especially if the materials need to be purchased and transported to the site.

The Thompsons of Prudhoe team are experienced in all aspects of earth working projects, including cutting, filling, site remediation, and risk assessments. We can offer a one-stop service for every client, ensuring we leave the site ready to be developed.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with us. We have grown to become one of the very best teams for earth works North East project planners can work with. We are efficient, highly trained, and always comply with the latest legislation and environmental requirements.