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The Thompsons of Prudhoe team can assist with decontamination, demolition and dismantling in the North East. We offer services that are eco-friendly so that everyone can benefit.

Our industry is one that takes on complex and dangerous jobs. Therefore the companies engaging in this work need to have the right skills and experience. We ourselves have worked with many clients to successfully take on challenging projects.

Complying with health and safety is vital in every stage of our work. Another huge part of what we do is ensuring that our services are sustainable and reliable. We have designed our recycling and waste management so that each client can receive an effective solution for their needs.

Waste Management

Our company policies reflect our desire to protect the environment. This includes taking measures to reduce how much waste we send to landfill sites. We give waste management the attention it needs to dispose of everything in a responsible manner. Our expert knowledge of relevant legislation also helps with this.


Our target for recycling is 99.5%, ensuring that the smallest amount of waste possible is sent to landfill. We regularly meet and even exceed this. Examples of materials that we recover are plastic, timber, plasterboard, and scrap metal.

When we have concrete waste that we can’t segregate on site, it will go to a recycling facility. There, we will make sure that we recycle or reuse 95% of it. This reduces our negative impact on the environment.

Demolition and dismantling in the North EastWe know that people look for safe and affordable services and this is why we carry out high quality work. Our customers can have peace of mind that we are always responsible when handling waste and materials. We also find communication to be very important. This is because it allows us to build a relationship with clients and provide them with what they are looking for.

We strive to reuse and recycle as much waste from demolition and dismantling in the North East as possible. Our methods of recycling are safe and cost-effective. Contact Thompsons Of Prudhoe for more information regarding our first class services.