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Employment Opportunities

Any Current Vacancies at Thompsons of Prudhoe will be posted on "Latest News" - found under the "About Us" section.

Our Recruitment Policy provides that we may recruit from suitable candidates who have previously applied to us for a position.

We are happy to receive unsolicited applications for employment. We do not have a specific application form for unsolicited enquiries.

If you wish, please send us a brief CV and covering letter by post giving details of your area of interest, skills you bring and the type of position you think you would be suitable for.

Even if you do not have relevant skills but are interested in a career with us, please do write to us as we run an Apprenticeship Scheme which could provide the necessary training. The selection criteria for enrolment as an Apprentice are available by written request.

Please address your letter to:

Helen Hillary
HR Director
Thompsons of Prudhoe Ltd
Princess Way
Low Prudhoe
NE42 6PL

If you take the trouble to write to us, we will afford you the courtesy of acknowledging your letter with a written response.

We are an equal opportunities employer and welcome applications from anyone who is keen to work.