Effective management of asbestos dangers

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Disturbing asbestos is highly dangerous and therefore any removals should only be handled by a professional. If you ever find yourself in need of asbestos removal in the North East, you can rely on our well-equipped team. We take on various kinds of projects to complete safe and thorough work.

A Hazardous Material

Asbestos isn’t all that dangerous until you disturb it. This will release fibres that can cause numerous health issues if people breathe them in. These fibres are very small which makes it very difficult for people to clean them up. The material poses a serious risk to workers as well as the general public.

A situation might call for the dismantling or demolition of a building. If this is the case, then you need someone who knows what they’re doing to survey it before you start. This will stop the work from resulting in the spread of asbestos fibres.

Qualified Specialists

Asbestos removal in the North EastWhen you work with us, you will be dealing with a fully qualified and licensed team. They have the necessary experience from previous asbestos projects to be thorough and effective. The team uses up to date protective clothing and safety equipment that we update regularly.

We can remove countless asbestos products from numerous environments. This includes before demolition or dismantling work takes place. Our workers use responsible methods of disposal which includes using fully marked packaging. We then deal with it in line with necessary government regulations.

A Dependable Team

With every project, we utilise our expert knowledge and wealth of experience. This helps us keep the risk of disturbing the asbestos to a minimum throughout our work. As a result of this people in the area will be safe from health hazards.

Thompsons of Prudhoe is a long standing member of ARCA. This helps us to provide some of the best asbestos removal in the North East. We dedicate ourselves to providing outstanding services and also handling major tasks. Get in touch with us to discuss how our team can assist you with your needs.