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Earthworks can be essential in various situations. An example of this is how structures need a solid and stable base which acts as essential support. We are specialists for demolition, dismantling, and earthworks in the North East. Our team is highly skilled and experienced so that you can receive great results.

You Need The Right Skills

It is important that you don’t take on an earthworks job lightly. You need the right skill set for effective building. This includes ensuring that you layer and compact the foundation to make it stable and provide erosion resistance. A builder will often use various materials such as clay, gravel, sand, and soil for strength.

You can find examples of impressive civil engineering around the world. There are many feats that have remained standing for hundreds and thousands of years. This includes Stonehenge and the Great Serpent Mound, Ohio.

Essential Work

Earthworks are essential in modern construction. They typically help make sure that there is a solid base for infrastructure like buildings and roads. Large scale industrial machinery helps make this work easier. However, it is still essential that you use skill and precision.

You should always get expert advice when you have a project planned. This is even more important if the job involves demolition as the land might need to undergo decontamination.

Dedicated Specialists

Our work covers assisting people with planning and arranging plant. In addition to this we can source aggregates and materials for your needs. This ensures that we support our clients at every stage.

Earthworks in the North EastPeople enjoy turning to us due to our reputation as one of the most experienced specialists in the UK. Our experience in the industry has helped us develop our expertise so that we can meet the needs of clients.

We not only provide numerous expert services but we also have access to recycling facilities and quarries. This helps us to provide you with materials you might need for your project.

Regardless of the demands or size of your project, we will work to meet your requirements. Get in touch with Thompsons of Prudhoe if you want more information regarding our work. We offer some of the finest quality demolition, dismantling, and earthworks in the North East.