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The term “Demolition” covers a more diverse range of activities than many people think. In fact there are several different ways to accomplish a project. Competent and experienced demolition contractors will choose the most appropriate approach for the specific site, maximising standards in terms of health and safety, environmental protection, and efficiency.

At Thompsons of Prudhoe we have experience of every technique for demolishing structures. As a result we can provide the most comprehensive demolition services North East businesses could ask for.

Implosion is one of the possible options for demolition. The controlled use of explosives can eliminate the supports of the structure, causing it to collapse. The aim is to weaken the supports systematically and in a controlled way, allowing the weight of the structure and gravity to bring it down. A full assessment must be done on the property before setting up, ensuring that the explosive charges are placed in the right locations and addressing all of the risks.

The most established technique

Mechanical demolition is now the most established method (the use of cranes and demolition balls is now almost unheard of). It involves using highly specialised and robust demolition machines, armed with a range of sophisticated attachments to use controlled mechanical force to systematically bring down a structure. The last 20 years has seen the development of “Super High Reach” machines that carry out mechanical demolition of buildings well in excess of 16 storeys! The machinery can have different tools, ensuring it can deal with an array of materials such as steel, reinforced concrete and masonry. Several things need to be considered when planning this kind of project, including the height of the structure and the site conditions.

Robotic demolition is one of the most cutting edge developments in the industry. It involves using machinery that can be operated by remote to control work on the project. There are several advantages including the ability to reach tough to access locations.

Manual demolition will often be required, primarily when preparing a structure for machine demolition, and facilitates maximum recycling and waste segregation. To ensure safe working we carry out extensive and continuous training of all of our operatives and provide monitoring for environmental aspects such as noise, vibration and dust.

Thompsons of Prudhoe can choose the right method to accomplish each project. We are a proactive team and always focus on health and safety. This has helped us build our reputation as an accomplished name for demolition North East clients can approach for various needs.

If you have any questions for us about any of the different demolition techniques please contact us.