Decommissioning can be green with good planning

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Thinking about the environment is important when considering decommissioning. Steps need to be taken to ensure the process is done in the most eco-friendly way possible. It is vital that things are done to limit the potential spread of contaminants and ensure that the whole site, soil included, can be remediated and prepared for its new.

Correct disposal

An important part of making decommissioning greener is to dispose of the materials taken from the site as carefully and conscientiously as possible. It is unlikely to be the best outcome for the environment to simply send all of the waste to landfill. This could result in resources being wasted when they can be recycled and save the amount of new materials that need to be consumed. It also saves the energy that would be involved in creating them.

At Thompsons of Prudhoe we have grown to become one of the best teams for decommissioning services North East businesses can choose to work with. One thing we do that makes us stand out is achieve very high environmental standards. In fact on many projects we recycle as much as 99% of the waste generated at the site.

Proper planning

Each of our decommissioning services is planned with the utmost care, whether it is scheduled to be a sequential shut-down or a complete one. We can handle everything, including dismantling and shipping to new sites. This means that any assets can be relocated effectively before we start the process of demolishing structures.

A wide array of materials can be collected for recycling, whether it is timber, metal, glass, bricks, concrete, plasterboard, plastics or soil. We have the facilities to deal with almost all of them and take advantage of the fact that they may be useful on other projects we ourselves are involved in. For the remained, we have developed excellent relationships with other recyclers. This gives us a great strategic advantage and simultaneously protects the environment.

If you want green decommissioning services North East businesses can work with us to achieve eco-friendly results. Contact us to find out more or browse our website to learn about our credentials.