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Demolishing a building is a complex job that requires experts with vast experience. We can help you with this, providing the best demolition, dismantling and decommissioning services in the North East.

In our years of operation, we have continued to enjoy our work, even when it comes to the most challenging of projects. Our team is capable of taking on jobs even with technical components and barriers. All the while, we take measures to keep everyone safe. We offer our leading services to a vast number of sectors across the country.

Responsible Waste Handling

We commit to maintaining our leading standards of work. Not only this, but we also provide a quality waste management system. This sustainable service is a part of all our work to help the environment. No matter what the specifics of your project are, we will provide you with a viable solution.

It is our mission to take all the waste that comes from our projects and handle it in a sensible way. The aim is to send as little as possible to landfill sites. This is one of our many values here at Thompsons Of Prudhoe. Consequently it helps with our determination to reduce our impact on the environment.

The need to help the environment is constant, and so are our efforts. We make use of our knowledge of relevant regulations to support our customers with their waste. This allows you to reduce levels and find ways to recycle and manage it wherever possible.

Meeting Targets Without Fail

We never forget our policies in order to keep our efforts going. We always recover 100% of any materials like plastic, timber, scrap metal and plasterboard. If we come across things such as mixed concrete which we cannot segregate at the site, we take it to our facilities. There, we can process it to reuse and recycle 95% of it.

Our aim is to recycle 99.5% of materials produced by the sites of clients. We are proud of the fact that we regularly achieve this. Even the smallest amounts of waste do not escape our attention. As a result we help to reduce the impact on the eco-system and disposal costs. We do this by recycling all construction waste possible and only sending what is necessary to landfill.

We enjoy working to strengthen the relationships that we have with all our clients. As well as this, we work with safety and efficiency in mind. This is in order to help us to meet all our deadlines whilst never sacrificing quality or awareness of the environmental impact.

Many people know us at the providers of outstanding work that you can trust time and time again. If you have any queries, about our first class decontamination, demolition and decommissioning services in the North East, do not hesitate to contact us.