Curbing the fatal legacy of asbestos

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The urgent focus required on asbestos removal in the North East has been highlighted by the release of some startling new figures. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) recently released a report that illustrates the legacy of harm the use of asbestos has created nationally, with our region in particular being badly affected. We were left deeply troubled by the facts and figures released, seeing the information as a means of reaffirming our dedication to removing the material from our communities.

A look at the findings of the ONS reveals that close to 200 deaths each month are attributable to mesothelioma and other forms of asbestos exposure. The North East population in particular suffer as a consequence of this, with between 4 and 9 deaths per 100,000 being directly related to either working with or being exposed to the hazardous material.

A number of bodies, in particular the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, have been vocal in their response to the ONS report, declaring the number of deaths related to the material to be a national tragedy.

Whilst the ban on any further use of the substance in building and construction work was an important move, curtailing the number of deaths recorded is dependent on ensuring asbestos removal work is carried out properly. We know and understand just how important it is that this service be carried out professionally and safely, both within our native North East region and nationally. Our ARCA membership, HSE Asbestos Removal Licence and ongoing training ensure that our asbestos removal teams are both certified and medically approved to successfully carry out removals from any building or location.

One of the consequences of stories about asbestos being discovered featuring in the news on a frequent basis is that people can become somewhat complacent about the risks. The figures released by the ONS can be seen as a timely reminder of how there is absolutely no margin for complacency when it comes to the great danger posed by the presence of the material. We take great pride in making our safe, trusted and highly effective asbestos removal services available to help stop the perpetuation of harm caused by this substance.