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Industries like demolition and construction involve a lot of dangers and demands. As a result it is of the utmost importance that every worker maintains the highest standard of professionalism and skill. Our specialist team are experts in these areas. We complete many complex projects for dismantling, earth works, and demolition in the North East.

One thing that sets us apart from other providers is our wealth of industry knowledge and experience. We are a long serving company with 60 years of history. From a small local provider to a national company, we have enjoyed a lot of growth. We set outstanding work standards and are members of industrial bodies such as NFDC, ARCA and British Safety Council.

Industry experts

We work hard to meet the needs of each and every client. You will only have to deal with us, meaning you avoid the frustration and hassle of liaising with many people. We make sure we maintain constant communication during the work so that you know where we are.

The demolition industry is no different to countless others in terms of the constant change that occurs. Businesses need to keep up with these developments if they want to be successful. This is what we do by continuing to train our team. Each worker is competent, highly skilled, and experienced. We use state of the art equipment and machinery so that we can carry out work to very high standards.

Careful practices

Projects including work like dismantling can vary in size. We are more than happy to help with jobs that differ in terms of complexity. Safety is a big focus of our work at every stage as we understand the potential dangers. Regardless of whether you need a controlled or complete take down, we are here for you. When you request it, we can also retain certain structural elements.

demolition in the North EastThompsons of Prudhoe has a dedication to ensuring that our work is eco friendly. Each one of our clients receives comprehensive help when it comes to recycling and waste reduction. One of our commitments is to send the least amount of waste to landfill. Instead we look at how we can reuse lots of materials on other projects.

We ensure our services always involve an excellent level of support. Our work includes earthworks, asbestos removal, decommissioning, and demolition in the North East. Read about how our team can assist you and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require more information.