Considerations to make prior to committing to decommissioning

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Decommissioning is a natural part of the lifecycle of every kind of industrial facility. Over time needs change and certain services can become obsolete. As a result the infrastructure that was set up for them has to be decommissioned to free up space for an updated service, a completely new one, or because the site is finally closing down. The process must be carried out carefully, efficiently, and with an eye on the costs.
At Thompsons of Prudhoe we have grown to be one of the most decorated teams for decommissioning services North East based businesses can work with. We can provide an end to end service, taking care of planning, the actual decommissioning, and preparing the site for new development. As part of the latter we can deliver a new substructure and earthworks.

Over the years we have noticed that the key to successful decommissioning is to be very careful when making the initial decision to choose this course of action. A huge array of different things needs to be considered prior to committing to the project.

First among the considerations should be current and future requirements. A project should never begin before first looking closely at operations and services and determining what will be required in the future. This will give a clearer idea of whether the current infrastructure is suitable or if upgrades are needed.

A second big thing to think about is costs. There are plenty of things to consider including long and short term expenses, direct and indirect costs, and social values. It is crucial that every cost and benefit is analysed to make sure that decommissioning is the correct course of action and feasible in terms of cost.

There may also be limitations in contracts such as building leases, other nearby owners’ consents to be aware of.

The Thompsons of Prudhoe team are capable of providing decommissioning services North East businesses will benefit from. We work closely with clients to help them determine exactly what their project will entail. As part of this we can handle risk assessments, feasibility studies, and oversee every aspect of the project.

If you would like to find out more please get in touch with us.