Complying with legislation with earth works projects

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With any earth works project it is absolutely vital that all legislation is met. This ensures that the site is safe and the work is carried out to the correct standard. There are rules in place to help protect the environment.

At Thompsons of Prudhoe we are aware of the legislation and work very hard to ensure we stay up to date with any changes and new rules. We never begin a project before ensuring it is safe and legally acceptable to do so. This has helped us become a leading name in earth works, both in the North East and across the rest of the UK.

To put our clients at ease we have listed all of our credentials on the earth works section of our website. You can see our accreditations, licences, certification, insurance cover, and the trade associations we are members of. We are confident there are very few providers who can compete with us in terms of the depth of our credentials.

When you hire us for a project you can expect the very best planning and professional support throughout. We can explain all of the pertinent legislation to our clients and go over the strategies we employ to adhere to them. We understand the value of keeping our each client up to speed and ensuring we add to their knowledge as we work.

A third thing that really makes us stand out is we have a very wide fleet of vehicles to call on. Earth works projects can include excavating, transporting, or delivering a large volume of soil and other materials. With our vehicles and the highly trained operatives you can expect the best service from us in each area. This also helps to keep a handle on your costs.

We have been involved in a number of high profile projects over the years and have the skills to meet the requirements or our clients and the conditions of the site. If you need help with earth works in the North East or beyond we should be the very first company you contact. We may prove to be the only one you need to deal with.