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Every single aspect of earth works is undertaken by our highly talented team from our base in the North East. We work to a standard that is nothing short of first-class. Thanks to our wealth of experience with various contracts, we can provide our clients with reasonably priced alternative solutions at design and tender stages.

Whether you require aggregate supply, cut and fill, bulk excavation or site preparation services, we are just the people for the job. We can do all of these alongside demolition work too.

Site preparation in particular is very important in our line of work, as it leads to a considerably safer and more productive work environment. The first task involved in preparation is site clearing. The space has to be in a graded and cleared condition. Clearing involves the demolishing of buildings, tree removals, removing old underground infrastructures and taking care of anything else that might slow down the building work in the future.

If your building block isn’t established clearly by survey pegs, you can’t be sure that you’re building in the correct place. A surveyor shall go over the site and line out precisely. This surveying process is mandatory, as it’s a requirement for most permitting and zoning processes. Surveying acts as the translation of the set of a contractor’s construction proposals into a physical representation on the building site.

Soil testing is another vital task to be completed for site preparation. The soil’s composition has to be identified so as to examine its ability to absorb water and withstand construction. If it turns out that the soil is in fact not suitable, the best choice would most likely be to move to an alternate site.

At Thompsons of Prudhoe our site preparation services are highly regarded as some of the finest. Since we began our operations, earth works have been an irreplaceable part of the company and many clients from the North East and beyond have benefited from our work. We strive to offer the very best solution for each project and have the skills to prepare all kinds of site.

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