Careful methods of asbestos removal to reduce dust

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Asbestos is an incredibly hazardous material if it becomes disturbed and fibres allowed to escape into the air. This creates challenges when you come to making alterations to a property or demolishing it altogether. The job becomes even trickier when you consider the fact that every property is unique and it is difficult to locate every trace of the material.

Fortunately there are a number of different methods of asbestos removal to choose from. This means the safest option can be selected to suit the specifics of the project.

There are typically three options for asbestos removal techniques; cut and wrap, wet media blasting, and wet strip injection. With each of them it is crucial that steps are taken to minimise the amount of dust that is produced. As a result power tools are generally avoided. Water can also be used to reduce the risk of dusts spreading into the air.

Of the three methods the wet media blasting stands out. Many people are surprised that a variation of sand blasting is used to remove asbestos because they associate the method with producing a great deal of dust. By using water and the right media zero dust is produced and all traces of the harmful material can be removed.

At Thompsons of Prudhoe we are very accustomed to using the top of the range Quill Falcon wet media blasting system to remove asbestos. The equipment gives operators the opportunity to control the amount of water, media, and air that is being used. This results in better control and higher precision. The system is also highly efficient.

On top of wet media blasting, we also use cut and wrap and wet strip injection if required. On each project we select the safest method as appropriate to the particular job, ensuring we satisfy all relevant health and safety standards.

We are established as one of the heavyweights for asbestos removal in the North East thanks to our flexibility, experience and commitment to never compromising on safety. We have a full removal licence from the Health & Safety Executive and are also long standing members of ARCA so clients can have complete faith in us.