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The life cycle of industrial facilities can vary substantially depending on their operations and how well they are maintained. It is unlikely that any facility will last forever though, particularly without changes and updates over time. As a result, in many cases it may become necessary to dismantle part of or an entire structure. The Thompsons of Prudhoe team can handle these projects and has built a reputation as one of the most effective providers of dismantling North East clients can call on.

The key thing to keep in mind with industrial facilities is that they can be very high value sites, whether they are operational or not. Even old dilapidated properties can contain a lot of valuable materials such as metals, glass, brick, and timber. As a result, dismantling must be done with absolute care.

Naturally the most challenging projects are those involving facilities within larger sites that cannot be completely shut down including power stations and manufacturing plants. In these cases the work needs to be arranged so that it does not interfere with ongoing operations. There are also higher safety requirements as a result of the site remaining partially inhabited.

Thompsons of Prudhoe has the knowledge and competencies to take on these challenging projects. We can start off by discussing requirements with the site owner or operator and go on to do surveys, risk assessments, and feasibility studies. Ultimately we will devise a strategy that will allow the site to continue operating whilst carrying out the dismantling.

We can supply all machinery necessary for the project and will also arrange to remove materials that need to be disposed of. Any recyclable materials will be taken to be recycled, ensuring the project has the smallest impact on the environment.

In some cases the work to dismantle part of or an entire facility includes remediating contaminated ground to make it safe for new developments. We can handle this too and always achieve the highest possible standards.

When it comes to dismantling North East clients can trust in us to do an excellent job, regardless of the scale or the specifics. You can find out more about our skills, experience and credentials on our website or contact us to discuss your needs.